Product List

Price/lb   Price/lb
Burger (ground-1 lb. packs) Cross rib roast
Patties (10 pounds/box) Sirloin tip roast
Stew meat ( 1 lb. packs) T-bone steak (2/pack.)
Round roast (approx. wt: 3 lb.) Ribeye-boneless
Sirloin steak (2/pack.) Pepperoni
Tenderloin steak (2/pack.) Garlic (1.25 lbs./pack)
Smokies (1 lb/pack) Jerky
Salami ( 1 lb./pack.) Fresh dinner/breakfast
Sausage-Farmer’s Liver Pâté : « Saint-Louis »   x

Wholesale price is applicable on wholes or sides only. Allow up to a month for delivery on wholesale orders. Orders can be shipped to any destination. Charges will apply.